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In 2012 Rebecca Maddox purchased a parcel of land on Bayshore Drive in Naples, Florida. A few months later Three60 Market opened. A quaint waterfront café serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Market thrived for years; largely from the lunch traffic created by folks visiting The Botanical Gardens just down the street. In April 2017 The Botanical Gardens opened their own restaurant onsite. Rebecca took that summer to re-evaluate her business model. She predicted that this would equate to a 30% loss in revenue. It was time to pivot.

The Market had always sold wine here and there to patrons enjoying a meal but never on the scale that Rebecca was about to introduce. The concept was simple yet brilliant. A $3.60 mark-up on every bottle of wine sold. It was a marketing plan on its own.

Three60 Wine was born.

Rebecca sold one bottle at a time; table by table. Eventually folks would make special trips to Bayshore to get their wine for the week. She gave people something to talk about at dinner parties, gatherings, on the golf course, etc.

In 2021, with a desire to expand the brand, Rebecca partnered with Duke Kassolis and Al Scavo of Oxford Capital Partners because of their extensive real estate background and expertise in scaling concepts. This new partnership opened its first Three60 Wine together in July of that same year just south of Vanderbilt Beach Road on US-41 in North Naples.

Today, Three60 Wine continues its expansion. The location in Estero opened in February of 2024 and Logan Landings is up next with a projected opening date in the Fall of 2024.


Oxford Capital Partners

Jim Rouse, the founder of the Rouse Company, often said the goal of developing Columbia, Maryland, was to create “not a perfect place, just a better place for people to live, work, play and grow.”   

Columbia, Maryland proudly welcomed its first resident in 1967.  Today, more than 125,000 people live, and more than 150,000 work  in the most successful large-scale, new town, planned community in the United States. To this day, it continues to evolve, mature and grow with all the people it touches and is recognized as the standard by which all other planned communities (by Rouse and others) are guided by in their stated goals and objectives.

The philosophy Jim Rouse defined as Columbia’s objective was the same principle that guided The Rouse Company in all the retail, office, and multi-family projects it developed or owned in 22 states and Canada until its sale in 2004. 

That humble yet bold philosophy is what guided Al Scavo and Duke Kassolis for more than 25 years, working together at increasingly more important positions at The Rouse Company, culminating in each becoming Executive Vice President and head of the two major divisions as well as 2 of the 5-member Executive Committee until its sale in 2004 for $13.1 Billion.

As colleagues and friends, they wanted to continue to work together after Rouse and created a new organization in 2004 to develop land and commercial real estate for their respective family entities.

With that accumulated knowledge and experience came the recognition that outstanding real estate selection and development was a fundamental foundation of successful retail service businesses. As such, Al and Duke decided to broaden the organization's scope to focus not only on real estate development but also basic service industries which have the potential for disruption and improvement from leading processes and technology.

Of equal importance, Al and Duke are mindful that during their careers, they have been fortunate in the opportunities each have had, which has greatly benefited themselves and their families.   The ability to create opportunities for others to realize their American dream, which some describe as entrepreneurial philanthropy, has and continues to be a core objective of everything Oxford Capital Partners and its operating companies try to accomplish.   

Al and Duke have spent a lifetime gaining experience, values, knowledge and inspiration, and they want to continue to use those gifts to benefit their families, those with whom they have the privilege to work with and to the communities they serve.

Our Team